Testimonial - ITEX Increased my Client Base

JoJo Salerno ,
Elixir Spa
I simply love Roger and Hilda, my ITEX Broker and Trade Director. They both genuinely care about their clients like no other barter company. Being in the Spa business during Pandemic with the ongoing ever changing safety rules and requirements, was very stressful. But Thanks to my dedicated Itex team, they always thought of ways I could use barter and save my cash. Hilda always thinks of me and is always referring new clients to my Spa. Thanks to Hilda one of these barter clients referred several new cash paying clients who otherwise would have not known about my services. I also love jewelry and Roger knows my taste and texts me beautiful jewelry pieces available on barter that always cheer me up. My ITEX barter dynamic duo, Hilda and Roger, are caring, thoughtful, business savvy folks, really great to work with. I have been with ITEX now for 20 plus years and cannot imagine running my Spa without their help and support. Thank you Roger and Hilda!