Testimonial - Trade sent my Kids on Vacation

John Cuchetti,
Sesuit Harbor Cafe
Being a seasonal business in the food industry and having a team that works so hard throughout the spring and summer season on the Cape, I wanted to do something special for them . So I traded lobster rolls for Itex barter dollars and with these dollars I was able to send each of my crew members- kids- on either Florida , Mexico and Caribbean all inclusive vacations . My nephew Taylor also benefitted as he was gifted some wonderful ski excursions- all thanks to Itex. Barter is like Democracy, works terrific when done right!!! I am fortunate that I am a member of Itex New England and I am grateful to have access to many national Itex offices and my assigned Trade Manager, Hilda, who is terrific and so dedicated to me and my business. Thank you Itex. .