Testimonial - The Gift of Giving at ITEX

Constantine Valvolitis ,
East Coast Embroidery
Itex always keep me posted of any services and specials that I would find beneficial. Last year during Pandemic my Trade Director also kept me informed on all of the government funding my business was entitled to. With Hilda's help I was able to get funded and stay afloat and make additional business improvements like updating machinery and website, all available on barter. Any family special occasion, I call my Trade Director Hilda to help me find the perfect gift available on Itex as I have no time to shop for gifts. Holidays are always great as I get annual reminders of the Hahn's coffee cakes which I can purchase on trade and gift to my clients, staff and family and friends. I can honestly say my Itex Office is invaluable to my business and I also view them as an extension of family. .