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Over the past thirty years, ITEX of Fairfield CT, serving all of New England (NY, CT, RI, MA, NH, ME and VT) has grown into the largest ITEX office having an impressive and well diversified member base. Our second  ITEX office is located in San Diego,California and overseen by our Senior Trade Director, Deborah Martin.  We specialize in helping our business clients maximize their trade dollars, our office is one of the top producing ITEX Office in America, providing you with an experienced and dedicated team for all of your barter needs and requests.  As an Itex member you will have access to our user friendly member website, ideal for all ages. This also includes our new ITEX mobile app which together provides you with ongoing trade solutions and immediate purchase options. Like any growing business, we are always looking to add new members.  Our team researches what is in demand and we continuously  add new products and services for our members.  As a leader of cashless business transactions, ITEX can support your business in generating greater profits, creating a more prosperous future, and adding an additional stream of income.  As you acquire barter dollars banked in your dedicated Itex account, you then have the ease of using barter dollars instead of cash for the cost of goods and services your business needs by trading with our local and national ITEX members.  Our current members include, carpenters, landscapers, art galleries, dentists, doctors, printers, restaurants, plumbers, electricians, care takers, tree experts, payroll, payment experts, loan specialists, jewelry, precious metal and coin experts, various auction houses, floor installers, spas, vacations, promotional items, web designers, stagers and organizers, meditation and nutrition, resorts, auto repair, luxury fashion items and more. 

Browse through our website and let us open up a whole a new world that can help you increase sales and offset your everyday business cash expense. Our Website is just a small portion of the benefits you will receive as an Itex barter member. Since we are the largest National barter company, you have access to not only our office, but all of our 50 plus  ITEX offices nationwide.  Another member benefit is our monthly virtual show which gives you more buying and networking options. 

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