Roger Boroway



Roger Boroway,  retired US Veteran and owner of the Fairfield and San Diego ITEX franchises, has traded for over thirty years. His first deal, bartering a $1700 string of pearls for barter credits, sparked his interest in the barter business. For Roger, barter is a way of life that goes back thousands of years, a limitless means to transact business, a way to move excess inventory and a route to enjoying luxury items. He prefers barter to cash because it relies on his creativity. He specializes in signing up new clients as well as developing the ITEX team. Roger remains ready to jump on new opportunities with each new day. Besides barter, he is passionate about American Muscle cars, working out and hanging out with his car and softball friends. He is featured in the Baseball National Hall of Fame. His greatest achievements include building two lucrative businesses, an impressive car collection and his daughter Brianna. 

We are proud Members of the Fairfield Chamber of Commerce and also support many local and national charities. 

Roger was recently featured in the local Fairfield Patch as a longstanding Fairfield CT business community member.