Our Team - Roger Boroway



Roger Boroway,  is a retired US Veteran and longtime Broker Owner of the Fairfield and San Diego ITEX franchises.  His first trade occurred as the business owner of  the former Midas Touch Jewelry Store in Fairfield CT, over thirty years ago ( the same retail space our ITEX office occupies).  The trade consisted of a beautiful  pearl necklace valued at $1700.00 which was exchanged for barter credits.  This transaction sparked his interest in the business of barter and trade.  For Roger, barter is a way of life that transcends back thousands of years and was the first form of currency.  With his creativity and deep understanding of the business, Roger lives on the barter system.  He specializes in signing up new clients, as well as developing the ITEX team. Besides barter, he is passionate about American muscle cars, working out, and spending time with family and friends. He is a also a member of the Softball National Hall of Fame.

His greatest achievements include building two lucrative businesses and his loving daughter Brianna.

We are proud Members of the Fairfield Chamber of Commerce and also support many local and national charities. 

Roger was recently featured in the local Fairfield Patch as a longstanding Fairfield CT business community member. 



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