Phil Conner

Trade Director

Philip Conner joined ITEX in April of 2014. With a background in marketing and finance, Philip ran his own Internet marketing and web development business before becoming excited about the barter business. Now, as Trade Director responsible for parts of the northeast, he particularly appreciates the use of barter as a networking tool. Becoming a member of a barter exchange provides you with supportive sales force that helps your business grow. This is particularly valuable when you're starting off in a new business. His focus at ITEX is to help clients achieve their business goals. Besides the value in building a business, Phillip appreciates the contemporary aspect of barter. Phil's favorite way to spend is barter without a doubt is restaurants. Phil is an active member in the youth community and is passionate about helping others. Phillip also referees basketball, lacrosse and football as well as coaches basketball to seventh and eighth grade boys at St. James. He has also worked with teens at Hall-Brooke. Among his many accomplishments, Phillip is proud of his growing network, of winning championships with his boys basketball team and of achieving the half a million dollar in sales mark in 2012/2013. Phillip has been married for fifteen years and has three children: two daughters in college, one of whom attends Johnson and Wales on Rhode Island, and a son at home who enjoys playing basketball with his dad.