Living the Good Life with Barter

Living the Good Life with Barter

Posted: 27-Oct-2021

Recently Crystal and Hans Bridges were dining with their good friends, Patti and Jim, at a 4-star Atlanta restaurant, when the conversation suddenly turned very interesting.   Leaning forward Patti said, "Do you mind if I ask you guys a personal question?"

"Depends," replied Hans, chuckling.  "Sure.  Go ahead."

"Well," Patti began. "We know that you guys are not millionaires. and you've shared some of the struggles in your construction and freelance writing businesses over the past few years."

"But you're living like rich people," Jim said, cutting to the chase.  "So what gives?"

Crystal and Hans glanced at each other, smiling.

"We're happy to share our secret," Crystal said.  "We actually use currency from a different economy."

"Huh?" Patti and Jim were all ears.